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Welcome to BBQ Chicken Recipe Lovers!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Hey BBQ Chicken Recipe Lovers,

I wanted to welcome you to our new site. I found out a long time ago that when I have a passion for something, I need a creative outlet to share that passion with everyone else. So this little corner of the internet is going to be dedicated to BBQ Chicken Recipe ideas, bbq grillin videos, grillin guides and bbq dry rubs & seasoning recommendations. We would love for it to be an open discussion so we have enabled commenting and would truly appreciate your feedback.

Most of the time we will post terrific, proven, BBQ chicken recipes for y’all to try out. We will usually only post recipes that we have tried and loved ourselves, but sometimes we find recipes that others rave about. In those cases, we’ll post the recipe here for you, the readers to try out. That is unless we encounter something truly horrible and want to warn you not to go down the same path and we can hopefully spare you the disappointment and a possible belly ache.

From time to time we will recommend other websites, bbq grill companies, bbq rubs & seasonings and also grillin guides for you to look into and try. Our main focus however, is to find recipes and bbq info for you to read and try at home so you come back on a regular basis, interact and see what’s new.

If you’d like, you can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the following link:¬†

Since we all know that we may run out of BBQ Chicken Recipe ideas at some point, I am also going to try to include a few baked bbq chicken recipes, low fat bbq chicken recipes and other varieties of healthy chicken recipes for you to check out and enjoy with your friends and families. And if you are like most people who have very little time on your hands to cook an elaborate feast, we will also be posting some quick chicken recipes for you as well.

You may be wondering, why this new obsession with BBQ Chicken recipes? Well, for starters, they’re really hard to mess up! And most of the time, it’s a fairly quick and easy process. Sure, you can complicate things once in a while, but the basics should be something anyone can master in no time.

Oh, and who doesn’t love BBQ? Just the thought of a sunny afternoon, grilling some bbq chicken on the deck for a bunch of friends will make your mouth water. Ingredients are usually very easy to find and fairly cheap. And in case you were not aware, your local grocery stores and health food stores carry a variety of chicken products, including organic chicken. Yum yum..

So once again, we’d like to thank You for dropping by and please don’t forget to leave us your comments and any ideas you have for us.

The BBQ Chicken Recipe Lovers

Seasoning & Marinade Ideas… Easy Recipes For Chicken

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Seasoning & Marinade Ideas: Easy Recipes For Chicken

This is a question I got from someone after turning them on to BBQChickenRecipeLovers

I’m not very good with seasonings, everything always ends up too salty. Are there any easy recipes for chicken, even I won’t mess up?

For a minute, it made me realize, we must all start there..  That got me thinking.. Hmmm?

Before I give you one of my simple solutions to using seasonings and salts, please allow me to point you toward our many recipes for chicken here on the site. There are a few that only take several minutes to prep.

Click here to look at a couple of our top favorites.

Okay, back to the rest of your question… I remember when I was first starting to use spices. There were some dishes that even the dog turned down and believe me, that was tough to do. Never the less, I had a few tricks I could always count on…

Now please folks, don’t laugh but when I wanted to make a nice chicken dinner and didn’t know where to start when it came to seasoning chicken, I’d reach for the italian salad dressing. That’s right, italian salad dressing.

I mean come on, who doesn’t like italian dressing? I’m sure there are a few but hear me out…

I knew I liked the flavor of italian salad dressing by mixing the two on my plate for so long, so I’d just strain out the seasonings and presto! An instant chicken seasoning that worked with most of my simple dinner ideas.

If you want a simple marinade instead of just a good seasoning, try pouring a little italian dressing directly over your chicken and then add 2 times that amount of your favorite bbq sauce (here’s a link to one of our favorites).

The reason I say that is because I have found the best mix, in my opinion, was 2/3 bbq sauce to 1/3 italian dressing. Please experiment with this idea and see what works best for you. I really don’t think you can go wrong.

And lastly, if you have a tendency of making your seasonings to salty… Try using some powders instead of salts.

I noticed that when I changed from garlic salt to garlic powder, the flavor was no different and I had actually done something better for my health.

Next time you are reaching for the salts, look around and see what you have in powders that you can substitute with.

Hope this helps some of you who are new to the spice rack.

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